Unforgettable journeys to the ancient sites of
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France

"I loved the Wales experience! Everything went really smoothly, and Hilary is so knowledgeable about the area. It was a real education. Plus I had some profound spiritual experiences with the Divine Goddess that have stayed with me".

Carol Kelley

"It was a MOST wonderful journey and I look forward to traveling with you again in the future! Sublime!"

NM, San Diego, USA
"It was a really first class tour. Hilary was a wonderful leader – full of enthusiasm, knowledge and care. I couldn’t ask for more… The beauty and history of Wales was very nourishing and I really appreciated the magic of storytelling."

BL, Sydney, Aus.
"A unique and unforgettable introduction to Wales . . .  a chance to reconnect with our roots and creative processes with new found friends and kindred spirits . . . and I enjoyed the many opportunities for story-telling, writing and photography.  I warmly recommend this trip!"

Alison J.G., Vienna, Austria
"Hilary is deeply intuitive and wonderful, and the depth of her knowledge and insight on Welsh mythology brought a lot to the experience."

Barbara P., Palo Alto, CA
I loved it.....literally fell in love with the country, the land itself, the beauty, the green, the people, the spirit, each place we stayed, each town and site we visited. The whole journey was so well planned and carried out. I liked the small group, the variety of places we stayed, the sights we took in, the mix of alone time and together time, and the meals we enjoyed. . . Hilary was great, very knowledgeable and approachable and our drivers - kind, helpful and friendly.

I had always sworn I'd never go on a tour but this was fantastic. Never imagined I'd be cocooned in a cave underground, climbing up a mountain while a story teller accompanied us, bringing myths to life. I could go on and on, it was so great. I came away feeling very connected and with such a strong sense of belonging.

C. Courser, B.C., Canada
Celtic Spirit Journeys & Retreats. Journeys to sacred & ancient Celtic sites in Great Britain, Ireland & France.
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