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The Sacred Feminine in the West of Ireland:
A Homecoming of the Soul
September 1st - 8th, 2020

Join Mara Freeman on an inspirational journey that will open you to the living presence of the Goddess in Ireland - and provide an opportunity for you to awaken to your innermost self deep within Ireland’s Spiritual Heartland.

Refresh your spirit in the heart of Connacht, the ancient western province of Ireland associated with learning, wisdom and magic. We will be staying in Sligo, traditionally known as The Land of Heart’s Desire, a breathtakingly beautiful county, with spectacular scenery and unspoilt landscapes: long sweeps of sandy beaches, rolling green hills, shining lakes, waterfalls, and magical woodlands. Sligo is home to possibly the most abundant ancient sacred sites in Ireland, stretching back more than 5,000 years.

Many of the goddesses of ancient Ireland can be discovered within this land of myth and story, including Maeve, ancestral heroine and fore-mother of the Celts; the Morrigan: ‘Great Queen’; Airmid, goddess of healing; the Cailleach, Brighid and many lesser known female deities and holy women. We will also be opening to the presence of the faery kingdom, the Shining Ones known as the Sídhe, and the spirits of the ancestors in the land.

Ireland is a land richly endowed with a treasury of myth and story. Mara has been coming to Ireland for over 30 years and is steeped in its rich mythical history and legends which she will share through talks, stories, songs, meditations and rituals.

Discover the secret heart of this ancient Earth-based wisdom tradition as Mara and knowledgeable local guides lead explorations of the sacred landscape and its lore.

Find your connection with the power, wisdom and beauty of these living presences at mountain cairns, holy wells, stone circles, fairy glens, mysterious lakes, and beside the sea.

Deeply immerse yourself in the Mysteries of the Celtic and Neolithic ancestors at unspoilt, uncrowded sites where you can still hear the echoe of ancient voices.

Where will
we stay?

We will have private and exclusive access to a stunning classical Georgian mansion set in a private estate of over 1,000 acres, overlooking a 13th century lakeside castle of the Knights Templar. Here you can wander through extensive gounds and miles of woodlands and even take a boat out over the lake... or relax in the comfort of beautifully appointed rooms with fabulous views. The Perceval family has lived here since 1665 and will give you a warm welcome to their ancestral home.

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Temple House
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"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible experience. I am left feeling full of love, gratitude and enchantment. I so appreciated the retreat format and staying in one place. I believe this really helped with the attunement to the land - It was a truly transformational inner journey as well as an unforgettable outer one."

Sherry E.,
North Dakota
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