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"It is to this Avalon of the
heart the pilgrims still go.
Some in bands, knowing
what they seek. Some alone,
with the staff of vision in
their hands, awaiting what
may come to meet them on
this holy ground. None go
away as they came.”

Dion Fortune
Mystical England: A Journey to Avalon
May 10th - 18th, 2020

This trip is now full. Next year's dates will be announced in a few months.

Dive deep into the Mysteries of Avalon with Mara Freeman on an unforgettable journey to explore Southwest England’s most beautiful and evocative sacred landscapes. Especially designed for the spiritual pilgrim in search of inspiration and renewal, this unique experience will be centred in Glastonbury, the legendary Isle of Avalon itself, once called the “Holyest Erthe in England."
On our journey we will visit:

• Glastonbury Abbey, the lovely medieval ruin where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are said to lie buried.

• The Chalice Well, where flows the sacred Red Spring, a place of healing where legend says the Holy Grail was hidden centuries ago.

• Glastonbury Tor, the sacred hill at the heart of the Isle of Avalon.

• The White Spring, gateway to the faery kingdom within the Tor.

• Avebury, the largest stone circle complex in the world, set in the midst of a rich prehistoric landscape which includes West Kennet Long Barrow, the womb of the Earth Goddess, and the enigma of Silbury Hill.

• Cadbury Castle, the traditional site of King Arthur’s Camelot, which has magnificent views over the countryside, and a real feeling of ancestral presences.

• Dartmoor, a wild and beautiful landscape of legend with more prehistoric sites than anywhere else in England.

• Wells Cathedral, one of the most magnificent and spiritually alive cathedrals of the Gothic Age with its beautiful Bishop's Palace & Gardens.

Tintagel, legendary birthplace of King Arthur, spectacularly located on the North Cornwall seashore.

• Stonehenge, the extraordinary Neolithic Temple of the Sun, one of the marvels of the ancient world, where we will have private and exclusive access for a ceremony.

… plus other sacred places of beauty,
                      power and magic that you will never forget!

Out on the land and in our retreat centre we will be deepening our experience through daily meditations and spiritual exercises that open soul and spirit, offering a portal into the inner worlds to explore the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, including Morgen, Bride and Mary; the legends and lore of King Arthur and Merlin; the esoteric lore of the Grail, the Faery Realm in Avalon and more . . .

Where will
we stay?

EarthSpirit, a beautiful retreat centre of stone and wood buildings which lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon near Glastonbury. The centre is situated in a peaceful, wooded landscape next to two nature reserves. Within walking distance is an ancient yew tree dated at more than 1700 years old, and an Iron Age (Celtic) hill-fort.
The vesica piscis design at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, symbolizes the intersection of the two worlds.
"Walking along the spiral path in this ancient holy land, I have come closer to Spirit than I have ever been...Thank you beyond words for one of the most incredible journeys of my life.”
- D.A., Nyack, NY
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