Unforgettable journeys to the ancient sites of
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France
With all the turmoil in today's world, life is very unsettling and worrisome. Spending time with you and all the amazing women on our journey in France gave me a lift and hope. Every aspect of the trip was enjoyable and healthy for body, mind and spirit. It helped me feel more comfortable with my spirituality. I intend to be more open with my beliefs and pass on the love and gratitude that I felt from everyone.

F. Tasker, Ontario, Canada
What I valued in the experience is the integration of so many elements including your teachings and knowledge of esoteric principals and sacred sites, the use of guided imagery meditations in combination with beautiful musical pieces, as well as providing a very comfortable environment. I appreciate being able to unpack and stay in one place while travelling to various sites. Antoinette and her family provided wonderful service and their beautifully renovated old home provided a relaxing and comfortable environment in so many ways. I loved the delicious and healthy meals, the delicious champagne and wine, the ability to make our own tea and the end of the day, the beautiful gardens and the whole magical ambience of the barn.

K. Patriquin, Ontario, Canada
Deep gratitude for a rich, rewarding and fulfilling adventure!

N. Pettry, Denver, CO, USA
Thank you for putting together another amazing trip. The amount of research and preparation you put in is so evident…The daily circles with the background, guided meditations, and sharing were a touchstone of each experience, and the whole trip was memorable and magical.

J. McElroy, Providence, RI, USA
Staying in one place was really convenient and I can’t say enough about how wonderful the food and hospitality at Antoinette’s were.

D.Kozaris, Toronto, ON, Canada
"The Sacred Feminine in France journey was very impactful for me as well as a magnificent chance to simply "be" and discover the ancient treasures of Occitania. . . Thank you again so deeply for your wise guidance and inspiration."

D. Mann, Claremont, California, USA
"It was so special to have journeyed with you and the group in such a sacred area of France. . . heart centred, healing and expanding. . ."

S. Wells, Lewes, England
"My sense of the Feminine in myself and our world has deepened and evolved through my time in France and more to be revealed I am sure. Thank you Mara!"

L. Fisher, Vancouver, B.C. , Canada
"France was everything I hoped it would be! The places we went to, our morning ritual and meditations, the history....all very special."

J. Merritt, Pittsburgh, PA
"I really had a great time on the trip, and found it to be enlightening and meaningful. . . I really loved the beauty of nature in the region and I appreciated how we started with prehistory and worked up to the more recent manifestations of the divine feminine. I had never seen a black madonna before, and found the two that we saw to be real characters and beauties. . .to be at one of the original sources of the Grail legend, even climbing Montsegur, was incredible, and moving. I love a good mystery and there are plenty of enigmas and fascinating puzzles in the area. There were many high points: dancing the circle dances in the castle was one, also the incredible cavern."

J. Greig, Kosovo
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