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The Sacred Feminine in the South of
France: The Grail of the Heart
June 11th - 19th, 2020
Day One
We meet at Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport and drive to the town of Limoux for lunch in the historic square, and a visit to the pilgrimage basilica of Notre Dame de Marceille with its Black Madonna and holy well. Then we follow the Aude River valley to the medieval village of Alet-les-Bains, to refresh ourselves at the healing waters once sacred to the Celts and the Romans. Once settled into our accommodation, we'll gather for a fine dinner, followed by an evening orientation and meditation.

Day Two
We take a walk through Alet-les-Bains to explore its esoteric mysteries, including the beautiful ruined cathedral, built on the foundations of a Roman temple to Diana, the house where Nostradamus was said to live, and the sacred river running through it.
This afternoon we enter the magnificent walled Cité of Carcassonne, a famous Cathar stronghold, named for the redoubtable Dame Carcas. Here we take a journey back to mediaeval times as we walk through winding cobblestone streets, castle ramparts, and visit the 11th century Basilica of St Nazaire, a holy sanctuary illumined with glorious rose windows.

Day Three
We visit the impressive castle of Puilaurens, which stands on the peak of a quartz crystal-lined mountain. Here we’ll learn about Dame Blanche, the White Lady said to haunt its walls at night. Later we’ll make a pilgrimage to the spectacular Gorge de Galamus, a portal into a sacred mountain frequented by hermits and visited by pilgrims for many centuries. We’ll partake of the special energies in this intriguing sanctuary, with its enigmatic magic square carved in stone and shrine dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

Day Four
We visit the hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château and learn about its fascinating history and mysteries with a special, guest presenter. We’ll enter the extraordinary church of Mary Magdalene, its enigmatic artwork adding to the charged atmosphere in which we will spend time in meditation. Then a visit to the Tour Magdala, the Magdalene Tower, also replete with esoteric symbolism, which has glorious views over the countryside to the snow-covered High Pyrenees. Your experience in this captivating place will be topped off by a music concert in the old library!
Puylaurens Castle
Day Five
This morning we visit an authentic traditional French market in the picturesque mediaeval town of Mirepoix. Stroll through the lively, bustling square with its colorful stalls and pavement cafes and enjoy its contrast with the tranquility of the thirteenth century cathedral. Afterwards we’ll take a trip to Puivert Castle, which hosted gatherings of the troubadours in the twelfth century: their joyful presence can still be sensed there today. Here we will celebrate their spirit – and our own lives – with music and dance!

Day Six
We continue our journey into the sacred feminine by going back to her ancient roots in the prehistoric world. With special presenter, Anneke Koremanns, you’ll explore the Prehistory Park of the Pyrenees, situated in the magnificent mountain setting of Tarascon-sur-Ariège. Then we enter the womb of the Earth Mother herself within the Grotte de Niaux, the famous cave filled with extraordinary animal paintings dating back 100,000 years. Afterwards, we will visit a beautiful Black Madonna in a nearby church.

Day Seven
We spend the day in some magical places of healing waters, starting with a walk through the forest to visit the Source du Cercle, the Circle Spring, and the mysterious rock called the “Seat of Isis,” in what may have been a Druid grove in Celtic times. Then on to lunch in the little town of Rennes les Bains, where both hot and cold springs bubble up from the River Sals. In the afternoon, we'll visit the enchanting Fontaine des Amours, or Lovers’ Spring, where nature spirits can be sensed among the tumbling cascades. This evening, sound healer and harpist, Ani Williams, will be playing and singing songs to the goddess for us in a special private concert!.

Day Eight
Our sacred journey ends on a high note – literally! – as we hike up the iconic mountain of Montsegur, the last refuge of the Cathars – a place of numinous power and initiation. Wreathed about with the legendary aura of the Grail, many believe it to be none other than Montsalvasche where the Knights Templar guarded this precious treasure in the stories of Parzival. We will also pay a visit to the nearby Fontaine de Fontestorbes, which also has a part to play in the Grail legends.

Day Nine
We bid farewell to this magical land, carrying with us the Grail within the heart, as we return to Toulouse for flights home.

Please note: While we make every effort to keep to the above itinerary, it may be subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen conditions.
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