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"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mara Freeman, who led the tour through Celtic Spirit Journeys. I have loved her book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit, for years but had never met her before. She moved smoothly between the roles of priestess, storyteller, historian, facilitator and tour guide (no easy feat). She took us to many places that are off the beaten tourist track, like a local Michaelmas Fair and an ancient yew tree in a churchyard in a small village. . . I learned through her example how to open up to the energy of sacred places. I appreciated her knowledge of the background story of each place, the songs and dances she taught us, and the meditations she led. She set up a container each day - a chalice, if you will - for us each to have our own experience."

Joanna Powell Colbert, artist, author of The Gaian Tarot.

Thank you for the most amazing Spiritual trip I’ve ever been on. I feel really different. I guess I received some palpable transformation—the most palpable is my connection to the Earth Mother, which I never had before. The highlight of the trip was our ceremony among the standing stones of Stonehenge. It was hair-raising. And as I told you in our circle, the love flowing from your eyes as you gazed into mine really moved me. The retreat center and their food was such a gift! It was so great to stay there each night and go out on day trips in our wonderful bus. Your stories at each site were so fresh and fascinating. The sacred ceremonies we did were so moving. The final night of dancing with beloved women around an altar of flowers and candles was such a special ending.

Marilyn W., NC, USA

It is hard to find the words to describe how amazing and transformative this journey has been with you and all the women that came together in our group – divine intervention! Thank you from the depths of my soul for this experience!!

Lorrie A, Maine., USA
"This trip was pure gift. I had so many wonderful experiences, it is impossible to express the depth of meaning they held for me … Highlights for me were our ceremony at Stonehenge, connecting with a grove of beech trees and one of the yew trees in Chalice Well Gardens, Mara's attunements, experiencing the energy and beauty of the crop circles, circle dancing in the gardens and above all, my connections with people and with the land, trees, and living stones, and the deeply impactful spiritual experiences which always arise spontaneously, unexpectedly in magical places like this. "

L.C., Loveland, CO.
"The journey of a lifetime! It was marvelous from start to end - more than met even my high expectations. All the timing and the events worked out really well. Aside from Mara's amazing storytelling and meditations, our wonderful driver, and food to die for, I feel I have gained a stronger connection to the sacred, to myself and to my spiritual family. "

R.L., Austin, Tx
"Even knowing this was Avalon, I never really expected an experience this deep and magical. Mara really made Avalon come alive for us!"

Palo Alto, CA
"The trip to Avalon was absolutely wonderful - truly the trip of a lifetime. It truly was a luxury I had not even imagined, having such a paradise all to ourselves. It was a perfect blend of structured activity, allowing us to see as many sites as possible, and freedom, giving us the chance to rest and explore on our own. This trip has taught me how to tune into the energy of things. Getting quiet enough to feel the unique energy of each of the stones in the Great Stone Circles, or noticing the subtleties of the trees in the garden is something I have brought back with me into my everyday life. . .Thank you for making this trip possible. It was perfect beyond all imaginings."

A.B., San Diego, CA
"Thank you, Mara. I have been trying to think of words to to tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me realize a journey I have so longed to make. It was everything I wished for, needed and more. Your wisdom and guidance made it such an amazing journey on so many levels. I am forever grateful to you and to the magic of the place. I notice that I am so much more grounded in my body and my life since I returned. Of course that doesn't stop me from wanting to go back right now...and forever! :)"

M.B., Aptos, CA
"Words cannot express my gratitude for the journey that you led..it was indeed a Soul journey Home for me beyond even what I had imagined these many years with deepest longing. Your kindness, your genorosity and your your exquisite depth of knowledge created a Temenos for the Spirit of the journey to shine through."

E.R., Capitola, CA
"The whole trip was a wonderful experience enhanced by being with a group of wonderful people. Awesome rituals!!! I can't wait to return!

"K.C., Santa Cruz, CA
"Thanks for the wonderful pilgrimage to Avalon, a trip of a lifetime for my daughter and me. So much has opened to me on this trip, to a great extent due to your unselfish sharing of Spirit."

L.L., Whidbey Island, WA.
"We both feel that it was the combination of your spiritual depth, your considerable leadership skills and your knowledge and love of the land and the lore which made it such a rich trip for us. Thank you!"

P. and D. Mann, San Jose, CA.
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